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12/7/05 run by cowards?

It just amazes me that because I stood up for freedom of speech on, they banned me. They didn't like something Ted kennedy said about being against the war in Iraq. They said that he committed treason for for saying it.

I posted back that while someone may not agree with what someone says, you have to support their right to say it. If not, you are not a patriot and you do not believe in the US Constitution.

For this, they banned me from posting at their conservative republican blog. Not only did they ban me, they refuse to answer my emails asking for an official reason for banning me.

They have the right to ban anyone they want. But that does not allow them to say they run an open forum where opinions are welcome. The reason they don't allow dissenting opinions at is that, in my opinion, they are too cowardly to confront an intelligent argument.

They are all welcome to come post their comments here, even though they deny me the same right on their website. I will not delete posts or ban themn for their comments, even if I don't agree with them.

Be men. Recognize the right to free speech. Stand up for what you believe. Don't hide the fact you don't have an intelligent argument by banning people who disagree with you. The staff there has acted childishly, unpatriotically, and cowardly.

by Chris McElroy

PS: Yes this is a direct challenge to to either lift the ban on me posting there, post their comments here if they have anything intelligent to say, or just admit they are cowards. I am emailing them this post.


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