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Ahmad Chalabi

The three Iraqi political leaders considered most likely to end up as prime minister after nationwide elections this week - Ayad Allawi, Ahmad Chalabi and Adel Abdul Mahdi.

You remember Chalabi, right? This was GW Bush's Iraqi source that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. He gave Bush just what he was looking for, confirmation that there were WMDs in Iraq. Unfortunately, Chalabi lied. It didn't matter to Bush and company, because he, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Cheney had been planning the Iraq war since the 90s, when Clinton was in office.

There are letters signed by some of them, urging Clinton to attack Iraq in the 90s, so any claim that the Iraq war is somehow related to 9-11, is just bogus and anyone that believes there is a link is just not paying attention.

So, this Chalabi, who we know was passing information to Iran, while he was advising GW Bush on Iraq, not only was never prosecuted for passing along sensitive information to Iran, we are now supporting him for Prime Minister of Iraq. What is it that he has on Bush and company that would not only keep him out of jail, but would help him become Prime Minister?

An article by Andrew Cockburn, contains a more complete account of Chalabi's history.

To make it brief. Chalabi went to Jordan after being exiled from Iraq. He started a bank in Jordan. His brothers opened banks in Washington and Geneva. When the Jordanian government went to audit that bank, 1.5 billiuon was missing and Chalabi had "gone on vacation.

He formed the INC (Iraqi National Congress) in the US. His associates said he bragged about how good he was in business and that politics was just another business. He said there was money up for grabs for supporting the ouster of Saddam Hussein and that they should go after it. They did. The CIA gave them funding for "intelligence gathering".

Chalabi had ties to Iran, even opening a INC headquaters there. The documents that outlined the nuclear weapons program of saddam hussein that bush used to promote the war in Iraq, was found by scientists who examined it, that phrases in the documentation, while in arabic, were ones that only the Iranians use. Chalabi's ties to the Iranian Intelligence Agency and those phrases add up to fraud, but who cared in the Bush administration that wanted this evidence so they could attack Iraq?

Now Chalabi controls the Iraqi Finance Ministry, the Iraqi Central Bank, and his associates run the two largest banks in Iraq. Bush still hasn't brought him to justice for trading information to the Iranians. So this is what GW Bush meant about instilling democracy in the region. This is what he means about a more stable Iraqi government. Putting a criminal in charge of Iraq's finances will make it much easier for bush and his oil cronies to control Iraq. That is exactly what they mean by stable.

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