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Typical BS

----2.5 Million Reasons to Run
By Augustine, 2005-12-07 21:07:12
Section: Democrats, Topic:

Forget the New York TV pundits. The big name in these parts isn't Edwards, Bayh, or Clinton: it's Mark Warner who's gunning for 2008.
Article referred to by this author, Augustine from He just launched a new national PAC, Forward Together: "I need your help, your ideas, your energy, your resources," Warner told the crowd. "Together, we can shake things up. Together, we can find leaders who see a little farther down the road. This nation can, and must, do better. If we can do it in Virginia, we can do it in America." Presumably, he means: raise taxes, raise taxes, raise taxes. Warner will run as Mr. Red State, friend of business, the guy who got it done and popularly so in a southern state. But with his stiff, nasal, Connecticut Yankee voice, and without the charm factor of the south, it's going to be hard for him to pull off a masquerade as The Bill. But get used to hearing a lot of this Forward Together crap for the next few years. With his governorship ending, Warner's campaign for the Democratic nomination has already kicked off, and he really doesn't have much else to do in the meantime.

My comment; It's funny how the article he refers to in his post doesn't mention the word tax at all. Funny how nowhere does it mention anything related to raising taxes. Funny how the author tries to spin this candidate into someone who will raise taxes before the candidate himself actually brings the topic up.

But this is exactly the kind of bs that is acceptable at It doesn't matter if what you write has any basis in fact. It just matters that it further the conservative republican right-wing agenda. Much like bush bribing the press in both the US and Iraq. It doesn't matter if that is ethical or not, legal or not, just as long as they win elections.

Click here to let me prove my point even more.

According to redstaters, according to that article, it doesn't matter that Bush's political speeches, where military personnel are required to attend and "encouraged" to be supportive of bush, are illegal. He's George Bush. It's ok to break laws. Thos ole laws are just stupid anyway. We should not have laws that tell our beloved GW Bush there are things he can't do.

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