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White Collar Crooks

This always pisses me off, so called white collar crime. If you go to a local store and rob them or steal from them, you get charged with armed robbery, burglary, theft, or any number of criminal charges. If an executive steals from people it's called fraud or illegal accounting or some other harmless name. They don't even call them crimes, they use the word "violations". All this language makes it seem what they do is harmless.

They get preferential treatment, get fined instead of going to jail, and if they do go to jail it's a special jail for special people with conjugal visits, internet access, tennis, golf, etc.

This is totally unfair. They are criminals and just because they steal a lot more money than the average crook, they aren't treated as criminals. The message the government gives is if you can steal a whole lot of money without using a gun, you will be treated special.

These executives at worldcom, tyco, anderson, enron, kpmg, merril lynch, bank of america, deutchbank, martha stewart, and others stole money, cheated on their taxes, made millions on insider trading, and generally did as they pleased ignoring the law because they believe they are above the law. They are common thieves, no better. They should be treated as such.

These are the same executives of big corporations that president-select bush wanted to give 15 years of taxes they DID pay back to them, saying that they will do the right thing and create jobs with the money. When the senators suggested we attach strings to the money requiring them to create jobs with the money, bush countered with there is no need to attach strings, these patriotic american executives will do the right thing.

These are the same executives bush wants to turn our social security over to. He wants your social security to go to companies like merril lynch and others and to let them take care of investing it for you. He beieves they again, will do the right thing with the money.

In a time where there have been so many corporations involved in criminal activity, we should be cracking down on them. But the problem is so widespread that these criminal tactics have become commonplace. People are scared that a crackdown will expose such wide corruption that it will hurt the stock market and the economy. They don't want to crackdown on these criminals. To prove it bush appointed a new guy to head the securities and exchange commission who in his own words believes there is too many regulations on these corporations. In other words he will make all the illegal activity they are participating in legal instead. That way no crackdown is needed and they can steal all they want without that awful inconvenience of going to trial and having to pay a pesky fine.

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