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Companies and organizations that SELL child id cards

Now this really pisses me off. To have a missing child is a nightmare that I can only imagine. No one but a parent who has been through that can possibly know how it feels.

We hear in the news all the time about children being abducted and murdered and about how we are supposed to prevent this or be prepared for the time when our child might be missing.

Because of this, many companies and organizations began making child id cards. They sell them to parents for a profit. They wish to capitalize or profit due to the fear parents have about their child and the chance they may be abducted or lost. They claim that they are doing it for purely humanitarian reasons while making large dollars on the id cards.

Organizations that actually search for missing children know that the id cards are practically worthless. The picture is too small to use to make flyers of the child. You just cannot blow up a laminated tiny photo into a clear large photo that is needed for the flyers.

They also know, no child has ever been found due to having a thumbprint or even a whole set of prints on the back of the card. The fingerprints, dna, dental records, etc. are used to identify DEAD CHILDREN.

These id cards do absolutely nothing to help find live children. The information the police need right away if your child is missing include but are not limited to; Current names, addresses, and phone numbers of relatives and friends of both the family and the child. The name, address, phone number of the child's school and the hours attended. Favorite places near the home where your child likes to hang out, play around, or hide in. Any distinguishing marks such as moles, tattoos, and piercings. Any medical condition they should be aware of. And last but certainly not least, SEVERAL CURRENT PHOTOS OF YOUR CHILD, NOT JUST ONE.

Those are things the police need to help find your child quickly and safely. There are more things that can be included in a child id kit, but those are a few of the important ones. Take it from me. I am President of the Kidsearch Network and we have been on more than 100 searches right alongside police when children were missing or abducted. We have been there when children were found to have been murdered. We have been there when the child was never found.

We have also fortunately been there when more than 70 of these children have been recovered safe and sound. 22 of those were found by our Immediate Response Search Team. So we know what information is needed to help find your child. These companies and organizations that sell child id cards have never been on a search and don't care if you have the right information as long as you buy what they are selling.

The next time someone tries to sell you a child id card, ask them when was the last time they were out searching for a missing child where the id card helped find them. If they say it has, they are lying. Tell them I said so and have them contact through

The child id kits must also be given away for free to be effective. Here is why. Parents who are willing to spend money on their child's safety are also usually parents that pay a lot of attention to their children, therefore these children are less likely to be abducted. Those parents who won't spend a dime on their child's safety probably show less concern for their whereabouts as well, therefore their children are more likely to be abducted. Some parents simply cannot afford it and DO care, yet another reason why they should be free. Almost EVERY parent will do it if it is free.

Again, those that charge for them are IN IT FOR THE MONEY! And that just pisses me off!

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