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Emergency Nonresponse

Now this is a nobrainer. To NOT be pissed off at the way the feds have responded to the tragedy in New Orleans and surrounding states would be the real surprise. Reporters could get in to where the people were from day 1. FEMA and the Red Cross claim Friday was the first time they were able to get close enough to help. Then give all the donated money to the reporters. They seem more capable of reaching the victims.

If your only job is to come mow my lawn when I call and I pay you to be ready for that call at all times, then you damned well better be there to mow my lawn when I call. I run a missing children's organization. If you call me on a Monday because your child has been abducted and I tell you well, let's see, I need to get gas, make some calls, gather some equipment . . . would Friday be good for you? How would you feel?

FEMA and the Red Cross exist solely to be ready for ANY emergency that migbht come up. Homeland Security is to manage ANY disaster that comes along. Their entire job is to plan for the unexpected, to be ready to go at a moments notice, to respond right away, to help people. FEMA and the Red Cross don't have other jobs to worry about. Their only job is to be prepared to respond right away when there is a disaster like Katrina.

They failed. They didn't get there for 4 days. FEMA didn't get there for 4 days. The red cross didn't get there for 4 days. And they even had warning that katrina was going to hit. They had a week to prepare then "just in case" katrina actually hits new orleans. So that really means the red cross and fema didn't respond to the threat for a week and 4 days.

Homeland Security are in charge of "managing" the disaster. To quote the Homeland Security Secretary, "The federal government's response to this disaster is a source of pride to me." Fire him. Fire him right now. If this is his idea of a response to be proud of what will happen when there is another terrorist attack. This response is obviously, in his own words, something to be proud of, so that means this is the best he can do or hopes to do in an emergency. He has by his own words disqualified himself from the job he currently holds.

I love Bush's response. He told everyone on Tuesday, I'm going to have lunch with the heads of different departments and decide what needs to be done. George, did you at least drop the leftovers from lunch to the victims?

Why wasn't water and food dropped from helicopters as a first response by fema or the red cross? They would have had food and water. Thanks to Orville and Wilbur Wright, trucks are not the only way you could have gotten supplies into the area.

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