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Louisiana - The new scam

Ok, I get it now. In the whole time bush has been in office he never admitted any mistakes. Not one. Not even a little one. Never admitted waving at stevie wonder in a concert even. But suddenly he takes responsibility for slow federal response during the disaster along the gulf coast. I was shocked and awed . . . and almost believed him.

But one of his first acts is to get rid of the law that says that contractors in louisiana have to pay a living/prevailing wage to their employees. So with all these people out of work, they get a chance to get jobs rebuilding the cities, but now they will get paid less. Again bush sides with companies profit margins than with the workers of America.

The next thing he does is throw as much money at the disaster relief and rebuilding fund. Sounds great right? But let's examine where that money will actually go. When they got billions for Iraq it went to haliburton, brown and root, exxon-mobile, worldcom, and other companies bush and his administration have close ties with. That is what is about to happen again. Bush has yet another excuse to filter tax payer's money to his buddies.

This is a president with no morals, no concept of conflict of interest, and one that uses disasters as windfalls for his circle of rich cronies. If he had actually cared about disasters, then after 911 he wouldn't have put a failed ceo of an arabian horse association at the head of fema when that is the very person that has to be ready when we have disasters.

And that just pisses me off!

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