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People who want their life burger king style

You know who they are. You know if you're one of them. People who ask you a favor, then once you agree to the favor they hound you until it's done. "When are you goiung to do that?" "You said you would do that and I'm still waiting" "It doesn't take much time, why can't you do it right now?"

People who think the earth revolves around them and what they want or need is obviously the most important thing in the universe just piss me off. They do not realize that you might have other things to do that are equally important to you or to other people. All they understand is what they need or want and can't understand that since this is important to them that anything else could possibly be important enough to stand in the way of what they are asking you to do.

My new rule is that when people ask me to do them a favor, the more they ask me about when it will be done the longer it will take me to do it. I may never do it and just leave them hanging thinking that I really will do it someday. That should just piss them off instead.

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