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Displaced Children

Now this really pisses me off!

Displaced is a much better term, since the children are not missing and have not been abducted, the NCMEC should be referring to them as children DISPLACED by hurricane katrina. They are not FINDING MISSING CHILDREN. They are REUNITING DISPLACED CHILDREN.

When I spoke with sheriffs in Louisiana parrishes, each of them has stated they have no need for a search team for missing children at this point in time since they have NO REPORTS of children who are actually missing or abducted. At some point in time there may be a child that can really be determined as missing and we will be there to help police in that case.

In the meantime, the children that the ncmec are reporting as missing, are mostly being reported missing by non-custodial parents who want to know which evacuation center their child and the custodial parent were taken to. While I have concern for any parent who does not know where their child is, this is not the same a missing or abducted child report.

From Reuters: "If a parent calls in here, and sometimes the parent is saying they are non-custodial parent, we take that case," Ben Ermini said. "Before we would turn a child over, and there was a question, we'd require a custody order, which has been the case in several instances."

Gautreau said the number should actually turn out to be lower because many children are already with a parent but were reported missing by someone who doesn't have legal custody.

"The number of thousands of missing children, if you're getting them from that national center for missing children, is not necessarily the number of human bodies we have had and touched in our shelters," Gautreau told reporters, according to Reuters.

In some instances the custodial parent was seperated from their child. They were sent to different centers. Again the ncmec and the police are REUNITING the DISPLACED children with their parents. Yet the ncmec is claiming they have found over 500 missing children! This is all paperwork, not a search for children who are assumed to be in danger.

There may be some children who are actually missing and in danger, but no one will be paying any attention because the ncmec has everyone thinking they are performing miracles and have it all under control. They do harm by calling what they are doing finding missing children. They need to change that and call it reuniting displaced children with their families. That way if a report comes in about a child who is actually missing and needs an actual search team to go look for them, then an organization, like Kidsearch, with actual experience in searching for and finding missing and abducted children can go in and do the job the NCMEC is incapable and unwilling to do.

Donate to Kidsearch to help make sure they are ready when the real missing child reports come in!

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