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Taxing the Internet

Here they come. We know the US and state governments want to tax the Internet so bad they can taste it, so now they are going after music downloads.

Does my state tax digital downloads?

Our politicians should have to take a test before they run for office to make sure their IQ isn't one more than a rock, and one less than a tree.

If they tax companies on the Internet, the companies will move their operations offshore to avoid paying them.

Pretty simple concept to understand. Look at the online gambling industry. However our astute politicians do not grasp this concept.

For many politicians and for many American citizens, the US seems like it is the whole world. It isn't. Laws we pass here about the Internet mean absolutely nothing to people in other countries. Those laws mean nothing to the governments of those other countries.

If we pose a tax on businesses on the web, some other countries will seize that opportunity to invite those companies to move to their country to do business. Those governments will give these businesses a great deal and these businesses will be employing people in that country instead of this one.

The rest of the story.

by Chris McElroy AKA NameCritic
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