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Webmaster Whiners and Google Page Rank

There was a recent update from Google where the page ranks of many websites changed. Some of my websites did very well in the last shakeup, but who knows what will happen next time Google decides to change the way it figures your page rank?

But I cruise around on many of the webmaster forums and read the posts from all the whiners. Some claim they got a low page rank because somebody must have hacked google. Some say google made a mistake. Others say that google is having problems and that this update was just bogus.

Get real. If you don't have the page rank you think you deserve, you blame google? Google does not promise to be consistant with PR. Google doesn't promise if you do this or do that, you will get the PR you think you deserve. Google doesn't even promise to index your website at all and doesn't have to if they don't feel like it.

Do you really believe not indexing your website or granting you the PR you think you deserve is going to make a big difference to everyone in the world who uses the Internet? Do you think if your website wasn't given good PR or indexed by Google, that their stock prices might fall?

Check your egos at the door. Work hard at building the best websites you can. Provide quality content to people who surf the web. Don't use popups and other garbage like disabled back clicks and exit consoles that you know annoys people.

In the long run your website will do well is you just focus on quality content. All search engines love good content. That never changes. Everything else you try like metatags, alt tags, link farms, trading links with everyone you can, and all of the other SEO guru tricks don't work for you in the long run.

Are you here to stay? Then quit trying to manipulate the PR and search results with all of the cute tricks and scripts. Write or provide quality content. In the end, you will be the winner and all the gurus will still be whining.

by Chris McElroy
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