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Professor Dufus Speaks

This is the level of education that most business professors have in regards to the Internet. Click here to read about the NEW .com land rush this professor has discovered.

"The very cool thing is that you don't have to have a business or even a Web presence to stake your claim to a name. That can come later, as long as you beat your competition to the name."
Except that proves you have no legitimate interest in the domain name and a business with a similar name can take it away from you if they want to.

"The Internet truly is the next superhighway of commerce and there is no better place to be than in Fairbanks if you want to get in on the ground floor."
The ground floor? Next superhighway? Where has this professor been for the last 12 years? This guy is teaching business?

"According to a study done in 2002-03 by Dr. Ping Lan, associate professor of business administration at the University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Management, the opportunities for ground floor e-commerce in Alaska are exciting."
In Alaska? The Internet is worldwide, so e-commerce is not constrained to any one territory or region. Yet another professor teaching business that doesn't get it?

"I got mine and my wife got hers by going to and trying combinations until we found appropriate domain names available. We then reserved them for five years with automatic renewals."
There is one born every minute. GoDaddy will be so proud of you!

"There is a new land grab going on today. If you're in business, or you are thinking about business and not staking your claim right now--this afternoon--within the next 10 minutes, then prosperity may pass you by, just as the automobile zipped by buggy whip makers."
Right now! This minute! New land grab! This professor really knows his stuff! Did godaddy pay you to write this?

This is just one example of how students are learning about the Internet in college and on graduating, they suddenly put up websites and call themselves Internet Gurus and Webmasters.

The professors that taught them didn't have a clue so they don't have a clue. If a professor who has never made one dollar on the Internet through a website that he built, then how can he teach anyone else to do it?

Then if you search jobs for webmasters at or, etc. every company requires that precious college degree plus you must know how to use front page to build websites with. Only those who don't know anything about html would use frontpage. If I've insulted you . . . uh . . . who cares.

by Chris McElroy
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