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Domain Name Communism

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Dot AU, the australian TLD, is deciding whether or not monetizing domain names is a legitimate use of a domain name.

WIPO, the world intellectual property organization, with the blessing of ICANN, internet corporation for assigned names and numbers, gets to decide whether you have a "legitimate interest" in a domain name if some corporation wants your name.

Who are these people? What planet do they come from? Who decided they should tell everyone what is or is not a legitimate use of a domain name? It's perfectly legitimate for me to register a domain name just because I want to own a domain name.

I am not required to build a website on it. I might just want to tell all my friends, "LOOK! I own a domain name!"

Maybe I want to become a domain name collector! We could trade them like baseball cards!

A domain name is simply a string of letters that represents the actual address of a website, IF you chose to build one there. The normal address is numerical, currently with four sections called IPV4, like

While that one would be easy to remember, one like 216.9.873.301 might not be. You wouldn't want everyone to have to remember the numbers to get to your website, thats why they created domain names to point at those numbers. Easier to remember.

Also, you don't actually OWN a domain name nor do you own the IP numerical address. You register it and it is provided as a service to you, much like a phone number and the service they provide.

The registry for your domain name makes sure people "connect" with your website just as the phone company makes sure people "connect" when they call you on the telephone.

Do you see people trying to see if you have legitimate use of your phone number?

Your phone has letters that also correspond to the numbers on the dial or touchpad. If my phone number was 305-372-3673, it could also mean 305-372-FORD. So does Ford Motor Company sue me for my telephone number?

That would be ridiculous wouldn't it? It's no different than being sued for your domain name.

Cybersquatting should only be defined as registering a domain name that exactly matches a compnay name with a nefarious purpose, such as, you only registered the name with the intent of selling it to the company for a profit, you only registered it because they are a competitor and you don't want them to be able to have their name, if you registered it with the intent to fool consumers into thinking you are that company, or if you plan to profit from that traffic by sending the users who go there to a competitor of that company.

Thats my opinion. You may not have the same opinion as me because I have it first. I will sue any of you reading this if you attempt to have the same opinion as me.

When I grow up I want to be just like the people at ICANN and WIPO.

by Chris McElroy AKA NameCritic
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