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3/24/06 Becoming More Communistic

I've said it before and I'll say it again, It's just amazing at how some right wing blogs are afraid that someone might disagree with them.

Before, at redstate.og if you said anything beside Heil Bush! you got banned immediately afterwards.

Now, they have a 5 day waiting period before even their own members can post so they can make sure nothing gets printed there that does not support herr bush 100%.

And the most amazing thing of all is that their members are applauding the censorship! LOOK!

They claim to be patriotic americans but hate free speech. They claim to support the troops when those very troops are dying to protect our freedoms, including freedom of speech. They are killing the free speech our soldiers are dying to protect.

In the case of, red doesn't stand for republican, it stand for communism.


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