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Credit Card Theft - What Can You Do?

Now this really pisses me off. Go into a store and try to write a check. You remember checks, those paper things with numbers on them? You will have to produce two forms of ID before they will accept your check.

However, walk in with a debit or credit card and you just slide it through, no questions asked. Convenient isn't it?

But what happens when your credit or debit card gets stolen? The thief just scans it the same way you do and they ring up the purchase just as easy.

Why don't the stores check ID for credit cards the same way they do for checks? The only reason I can come up with is that they are just stupid.

If you have ever had your credit card stolen, you know how much hassle that causes you and how long it takes to get the money back into your account that was stolen from you through the thief using your card.

They have thieves that now can completely reproduce your credit card if they have the number, the expiration date, the name on the card, and the three numbers on the back.

They are profiting big from this because they know stores are too stupid to require ID when making a purchase.

Then you get to wait and see IF you can recover the money spent from your account. These companies that are too stupid to ask for ID get to decide whether you should or should not get the money back. Scary isn't it?

I don't sign the back of my card. I put "CHECK ID". While that is a smart practice it seems, the stores still don't check my ID.

What we all have to do to protect ourselves in my opinion is the following.

1. Put "Check ID" on the back of your credit or debit card.

2. Every time a store clerk does not check your ID, ask to see a manager. Tell the manager that you will no longer be shopping here if you come in one more time and the clerk does not ask to see your ID.

We can change one store at a time. Believe me, this works. They do not want to lose your business. If it does happen a second time, call for the manager again, repeat the process. If it is the same manager ask him if he is too stupid to have understood your request the first time and ask for HIS/HER supervisor so you can give them the same ultimatum.

If everyone starts doing that, then they will start to check ID and the thieves won't be able to use your stolen credit card or information so easily.

by Chris McElroy
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