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The Advertising Race

Online advertising has become a booming business reaching into the billions of dollars. The race to see who can gather the most data on customers is increasing due to the large stakes involved.

Advertising companies trying to get an edge on their competition don't care anything about your privacy. They are going to do whatever it takes to accumulate more of your private information than their competition.

This is not good news for consumers. The more these advertising companies design programs that gather your personal data, the easier it will be for others to steal that same data to steal your identity.

Not only that, but the government is buying that information from those who gather that data. Soon the government will know everything about you. Of course some say thats okay. But what happens when they start to use it to see what your political views are, what associations you belong to, and what dirt they can come up with on you to influence your vote or other things?

You may say I'm an alarmist, but remember the McCarthy days. The FBI had files on everyone. Now of course they say they don't do that anymore. You believe that?

If you don't think advertisers are playing for keeps in gathering your personal data, you need to read the article below. People think that spyware is something that some crook puts out there. They are absolutely right. It's just that the crook's names are the same as those of big advertising firms.

Click here to see why advertising companies want your personal information.

by Chris McElroy
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