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3/17/06 and Profit Margins

Read this story from, where men are men and sheep are scared.

Why Winning on 1606 is Important
By: Blanton · Section: FEC

Tired of us beating this drum? Well, here is why it is important. Congressman Allen, co-sponsor of the alternative 4900 says that as blogs get popular, they just might get hit in the face with FEC compliance.

The bloggers of Daily Kos, RedState and other online forums argue that the Allen-Bass alternative, which would provide targeted exceptions from the law for individuals and some websites, would force them to register as political committees.

Allen did not dispute that possibility. He noted that his bill would allow websites unrestricted operations as long as their annual expenditures did not exceed $10,000.

“They might well have to file,” Allen said of blogs as large as Daily Kos, “but that’s the point. If the Internet becomes more important, the types of financial abuses that occurred within the campaign-finance system in general” are more prone to occurring.

That my friends would be bad for free speech. Wht this would do is say the the more popular a blog becomes the more it's speech must be regulated. So don't get tired of us beating this drum. It's important and we need your help.
Awwwww, man I get all warm and fuzzy when talks about defending freedom of speech.

It reminds me of a story, boys and girls, want to hear my story? I knew you would.

Once upon a time I was a member of and one day there was a story there about how ted kennedy said publicly he was agaianst the war in Iraq. They went on to say in the story how that makes ted kennedy a traitor because he said that.

I, being a loyal citizen of the US, said, wait! You may not agree with ted kennedy, but he has the right to say whatever he wants. It's called freedom of speech! People died to defend our right to say anything we want.

The result: banned me for disagreeing with them. The moral of the story? Republicans at places like believe in freedom of THEIR speech, not of anyone else's speech. So excuse me when I get the warm and fuzzies and get all teary eyed when someone at talks about free speech.

The real scoop: Organizations who take money from Political Action Committees, Lobbyists, and Political Campaigns who then use that money to help push one agenda or the other are supposed to disclose who is paying them to say what they are saying according to recent and proposed legislation. It's aimed at informing the public who is behind the message you are reading or hearing so you can consider the source.

Traditionally, to get around laws that restrict how much these special interest groups can donate to a campaign, they give it to nonprofit orgs who spend that money on tv, radio, and print ads to support their candidate or to attack the other one.

Those orgs that are recieving that money have to disclose the amounts they receive and who it was from to the Federal Election Commission.

This next presidential election blogs like are hoping to get some of that special interest money and they plan to help these special interest groups get their message out while making some good income while they are at it.

What they are hoping not to do is have to report that income to the FEC and they hope they will not have to tell their readers who is paying them to say the things they are saying.

by Chris McElroy
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