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Those Bastards .com Links Removed due to Whiny Baby Overload

You know I blog pretty much what I think and don't care what anyone thinks about it. If they don't like it they can post a comment or just go away. I don't care. This is my blog and it's titled Things That Just Piss ME Off.

I also started a new blog at

That blog is like a newsreader. I add my favorite RSS Feeds from other blogs and my own RSS Feeds from my blogs and I can view them all in one place. Very convenient. I like it.

However, some bloggers who have an RSS Feed and who would be ecstatic if some big website picked up and reposted their feeds with all links and author credits intact, are now whining that when a small website like mine does it that it is STEALING their content.

Then they should take down their rss feed or put up a notation that says, for personal use only or something. As long as you repost someone's article as your own or disable the links back to their website or fail to give the author credit, you are doing nothing wrong in reposting their material through an rss feed that they themselves provide.

If they have a commons license that clearly says DO NOT USE THIS FEED TO REPOST MY ARTICLE BECAUSE I'M TOO STUPID TO KNOW THAT IT HELPS ME, then rss feeds were meant to be used.

I disabled the links and feeds for because they made a whiny fuss about people using their feed. I have no patience for whiny baby blogs anyway. I not only disabled their feed to my autoblog, I dosabled the link from here and my other blogs as well.

The more people that repost your blog post or article AND link back to you, the more your link popularity increases and the more traffic your website gets.

RSS = Real Simple Syndication

Evidently it isn't simple enough for some people.

by Chris McElroy
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