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Web Hosting - Buy 1 Year - Get 1 Year Free

People who read my blog often know I do not put much emphasis on advertising anything. I took down the google adsense stuff because it was just cheesy and I don't blog to make money. I blog because I like to blog.

However, when my hosting company offers a deal like this, I feel like sharing it. They are offering a free domain name, plus an extra year of hosting for signing up for one year of hosting at less than $100.

Anyone who thinks that is not a good deal, doesn't know anything about hosting. And before you ask, yes that link is my affiliate link and I make a commission if you sign up with powweb.

However, I've been an affiliate with them a long time and never posted about it. This is a good deal. It's only good until May 1st. I host all of my websites with Powweb. So I recommend them from personal experience.

by Chris McElroy AKA NameCritic
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