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ICANN Continues to Lie to the Public about New TLDs

ICANN claims that it is concerned with the stability of the Internet. The ICANN Board of Directors falls back on that statement every time new TLDs are brough up. They say they need to have the long drawn out process they currently have for creating new TLDs for the sake of the Internet and it's users.

They say too many TLDs could somehow damage the Internet. There are other roots with hundreds of TLDs that work just fine, like the Pacific Root or the The Atlantic Root

So that theory is just a bunch of bs and a smokescreen to keep the public believing that the reason they don't create more TLDs is for stability. This keeps the control of the Internet in the hands of a few corporations like Verisign who was recently granted a monopoly for the .com registry by this same ICANN Board of Directors.

Let's talk about what is really needed to be able to run a TLD. Let's look back to how it was done before ICANN took over.

In this article, the questions are being asked to the operators of dot UG for Uganda.

"What did the registration then entail and what were the requirements?

I was part of the global network of pioneers known to each other in an informal way through a network of IT experts.

We applied first to Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), filled in a form but we were required to demonstrate that we were competent and can access the Internet, which entailed having access to electronic mail everyday. They needed a permanent administrative and technical contact."
So that was and IS all that is really necessary to begin a new TLD. ICANN wants you to submit your business plan for their approval when they are not even business experts. They want all kinds of technical requirements that are not necessary and that only a few large corporations can provide. That way they keep the ability to create a new TLD out of the hands of small business and the little guy.

"So you did not pay any money?

No, not at all. The Internet was created, based and managed by the Private Sector. It involved creativity, flexibility and most importantly a spirit of community service that is why it was created for community service."
Yet ICANN makes you put up a $50,000 deposit to even apply for running a new TLD. They have yet to return the deposits to several companies that they refused to grant new TLDs to in the last round of TLD creation a few years back. Again, they know only large corporations can risk $50,000 just as an application fee that may not even be returned if you are rejected.

ICANN was created to be a technical body. They were not created to make policy. They were not created to hand the Internet over to a handful of corporations.

All of the stuff you hear from ICANN about the "process" of creating new TLDs is total BS. For years it was done as simple as filling out a form and showing you were technically capable of running it.

That is all that should be required now.

by Chris McElroy AKA NameCritic
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