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Software Update Frauds

This really pisses me off. Software companies are constantly putting out new versions, supposedly to improve them and make them better for us. In some cases that is true. However in most cases it isn't.

Let's start with Microsoft first. They don't sell you software, they lease it to you. Why don't they just call it a lease? You HAVE to update with them or lose necessary functions, patches, and support. If you have to pay them again every year, it's no longer a sale, it's a lease.

Microsoft has deadlines to put out their new versions of windows. They release them as close to that deadline as possible even if the code isn't finished. Then they put out patches. In other words they are still writing the program they just sold/leased to you as a completed work. That is about as close to fraud as you can get, but I'm sure it isn't due to some slick fine print legalistic disclaimer somewhere in the terms of service no one ever reads.

Other companies do this as well. And what really gets to me is that many times the update is a much worse product then the predecessor. It's more of a downgrade. But they need to make money so they come out with a new version whether you need it or not.

Then some of them move all of the buttons and functions in the program. There was a learning curve to be able to use the software in the first place, now thanks to their wonderful update, you have to learn it all over again.

Then they want to force you to give them more money. I bought RealPlayer G2 when they told me that it was the greatest thing since sliced video. They promised support and updates. Then they came out with their new version of realplayer. Not only did they not provide anymore support or updates for G2, they disabled it's ability to play the files they said it would play when I purchased it.

I don't care if they sue me for saying this. That is fraud. Real Fraud. They should trademark that term. Get RealFraud now!

I personally will never download even the free version opf realplayer that also installs the spyware and aol messenger, whether you want it or not, on my computer. If I go to a website that only has video you can see with realplayer, I just go somewhere else to buy what I need.

What ever happened to simple software? You needed to perform a specific function on your computer and you or someone wrote a program that just did that one little function. The software wasn't bulky or buggy.

Now every program wants to perform everything all at once. Your photo-editing program wants to be an html editor. Your html editor wants to be your ftp client. Your word processor wants to be your graphics program and email client all at the same time. Windows wants to do it all.

Give me simple, small, and complete programs any day over these bulky, bug filled, overpriced software “solutions”.

by Chris McElroy
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