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AT&T and the NSA Wiretapping

Well, now, if you wondered exactly how some of the NSA wiretapping was done and how some corporations gain government favors, here is an interesting post for you.

Many large corporations need the cooperation of the US government to keep out of anti-trust trouble, to gain lucrative government contracts, to get licensing for specific ventures, etc. But just how does one go about getting those special favors from the government>

Cellphone companies needed airwaves that were controlled by the US military. The US military declined. Then cellphone companies decided that the US government idea of tracking people through their cellphones was a great idea. The US military decided that they could let the cellphone companies have the airwaves they were seeking and now the US government can track you through your cellphone to know where you are within 60 to 100 feet. Coincidence?

Microsoft lost an anti-trust suit. They were ordered to split the company into 5 seperate companies. Never happened. What did Microsoft give the government? What exactly is in the new Vista source code?

Now we have documents leaked out of AT&T that allegedly show that they have been helping the NSA wiretaps. What did AT&T get in return? Will they win the lawsuit forcing Google, Ebay, and others to pay them more money because they are using more bandwidth than my blog? Where will that stop? Will we all have to pay bandwidth charges to AT&T over and above the charges for the Internet Service we already pay for? Will AT&T win the lawsuits to allow them to charge everyone for VOIP services?

Read more about AT&T and the documents here.

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