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NCMEC Endangering Abducted Children

This really pisses me off. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, (NCMEC) for years has been claiming credit for a huge number of missing and abducted child recoveries they actaully had nothing to do with.

I have been posting about it for years now, and saying that by using these false figures and claiming such wonderful results, they would do more harm than good. Now it is coming true.

First of all, they maintain a database that is connected to the National Crime Information Center, (NCIC). Whenever a child is reported missing or abducted, the police report it to the NCIC. The NCMEC then puts that child's picture into their database on their website.

98% of the time the police find the child soon after the report was filed, but as soon as the child is found, the NCMEC counts that child as another child the NCMEC helped to recover.

They actually had no search team in place to aid police in the recovery, they didn't make a phone call to the police to help them in some way, all they did was post the child's picture on their website which had nothing whatsoever to do with the actual recovery.

But to maintain the 30 million dollars per year they get from the federal government, they claim they found another missing child.

In the past, they used to post on their website, "over 85,000 children found." The numbers might have been accurate overall, but those numbers did not mean the NCMEC actually had anything to do with those recoveries. They were intentionally leading the public to believe they had something to do with finding those missing children.

Also, using figures like that lead the public to believe there is no real problem, or that the problem is already being solved because the NCMEC is on the job.

By using figures like "Every 40 seconds a child is reported missing" or "75,000 children are reported missing every year", they confuse the general public to into believing that many children have been abducted and are in danger of being killed. The fact is most cases that are reported are solved right away by police, without the help of the NCMEC.

They count family abductions where the noncustodial mother or father either don't return the child to the custodial parent in time, or don't intend to return the child to the custodial parent as missing endangered. Very few cases involving parental abduction are ones where the child is actually in danger of physical harm. As a matter of fact those cases are very rare.

They count all runaway teens, including those they actully KNOW are really runaways as missing endangered.

By doing so, they make those cases equal to those that are really possible child abductions. This leads people to ignore cases where the children that are really in danger.

They have done the same thing with the Amber Alert, originally a good idea designed to help police capture dangerous child abductors before they kill the child.

Most child abductors kill the child they abduct within 3 hours of the kidnapping. By getting an Amber Alert out right away on known child abductions, the police in surrounding areas as well as the public is on the lookout for the abductor, the child, and/or the vehicle in question. It worked when it was used properly.

The NCMEC took over Amber Alert and now it is used on noncustodial parental abductions. 98% of Amber Alerts are parental abductions and that was not what this system was designed for. But it looks good to have a lot of alerts so the NCMEC to keep up their funding requests to keep up with their articicially created demand.

The truth is that there are a lot of actual child abductions every year and about 100 children are kidnapped and murdered in the US each year. Comparing that to the figures the NCMEC puts out and it sounds almost as if there is no problem at all.

However think about it . . . Every three days a child is abducted and murdered in the US! That is a problem that requires a response. it means we have to treat all abductions as serious.

The AMber Alert was intended to save lives. If it is used all the time, like it is now, the public pays very little attention to them because they are desensitized by the sheer number of alerts the NCMEC puts out.

If they had been used only in dangerous cases, then the public would be out in force to help. The NCMEC has ruined that chance due to caring more about appearances and funding than actually saving lives.

Now articles like this one are making it seem as if there is no big problem and that missing children orgs are all just making it seem as if there is.

Thank you NCMEC for making all missing children organizations look bad and for risking the lives of children who are really in danger by misusing systems designed to save their lives. Also I would like to thank the NCMEC for refusing to share any of the 40 million dollars in funding you receive with programs that actually do work and do save lives like The Kidsearch Network

by Chris McElroy
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Anonymous NCMEC is a terrorist mob front said...

its worse than that... as an "exploited kid" the american secret service USSS has tortured me for 30 years with their illegal weapons used to erase the victim memory the same way military covert operations use it to eliminate sensitive info from the operatives.

6:01 PM  

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