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RedState Example of Freedom of Speech

As further proof that republicans do not believe in the bill of rights and proof that the staff at have no balls at all, I offer the following.

An article appeared there, (that you can read by clicking the title of this post), about Al Gore.

One redstate member wrote his opinion, "It's great the he doesn't appear to be running, that way he is free to speak the truth on the inept and immoral criminals currently running the country."

A redstate staffer or author wrote, "What's amazing Is that you signed up just to get banned. Bye." By: Thomas

They don't even have the conviction or enough guts to debate an issue. They know they stand on weak ground backing bush and the other republicans that have been or are about to be indicted. Therefore they ban anyone who might disagree.

I am a moderate conservative who believes in the bill of rights, believes it was written to imply we also have a right to privacy, was against the Iraq war or any war where we are the aggressors, am against abortion. I'm not a democrat or a republican. I take each issue on a case by case basis and believe following either party no matter what they do makes one a sheep. I defended the right to free speech at redstate and got banned as well. I'm proud of that.

For the staff at redstate to consider themselves patriotic or that they represent what this country stands for is ridiculous. If they really believed in what they say, they wouldn't be afraid of debate or differences of opinion. Yet they prove over and over that they really deserve the name redstate, but not as a term to represent republicans, but as one to represent the communism they are duplicating there.

You can disagree with me here. I'll be happy to debate you if we disagree. And we'll still be friends that disagree. Too bad redstate is so cowardly. It could be a great website.

by Chris McElroy
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