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ICANN to consider new TLDs

ICANN has been restricting namespace on the Internet for far too long. By allowing only a few TLDs that are generic in nature such as com and biz, they artificially create a shortage of good short domain names, both for existing businesses and for businesses that haven't even started yet.

To get a good com domain name is next to impossible. Three-word domain names are about the best you can hope for if you want names that actually mean something. That gives those with one-word domain names an unfair business advantage.

ICANN has fostered this unfair business practice for much too long now. They are supposed to be a technical body, not an allocation bottleneck.

As a member of a working group that includes some very distinguished experts on matters pertaining to the Internet, we have proposed this document to ICANN. It's a lot of reading to read all the actual posts, but if you truly want to understand how the Internet works and how it is governed Vs just how to build websites, etc., then you should read it and start joining groups that can affect change within the ICANN structure or outside of ICANN altogether.

Click here for the PDF file of recommendations to ICANN regarding the introduction of new TLDs

by Chris McElroy
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