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Government Crooks and Abramoff The Informer

It will be entertaining to see how the corrupt politicians like Tom Delay get out of this one. We all know they will. When a politician breaks the law and gets caught, they just change or redefine the law so that they aren't guilty anyway.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Former high-powered lobbyist Jack Abramoff will plead guilty Tuesday to corruption, fraud and tax evasion charges in a deal with federal prosecutors, a source close to the negotiations told CNN.

Abramoff has reached an agreement that would spare him the maximum 10-year sentence if he cooperates in an ongoing Washington corruption probe, the source said.

Abramoff is a longtime associate of several top GOP leaders, including former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, Americans for Tax Reform director Grover Norquist, and former Christian Coalition chief Ralph Reed. (Watch details of the deal -- 4:11)

Abramoff's cooperation deal could have a wide-reaching effect in Washington.

Ripple effect
Sources told CNN's Ed Henry that the former lobbyist may have thousands of e-mails in which he describes influence-peddling and explains what lawmakers were doing in exchange for the money he was putting into their campaign coffers.

The source close to the investigation said investigators are looking at about half a dozen members of Congress.

Read the rest of the article by clicking here.

We can hope that all those who were involved in taking kickbacks, bribes, and other perks from lobbyists and giving them political favors in return are indicted. Don't hold your breath though. Those who are in power want to keep that power.

Just like Delay, they will intimidate and threaten anyone who tries to dare prosecute them. Our senate and house of representatives, as well as the executive branch have begun to act more like royalty, instead of elected officials of a democracy.

The sons and daughters and nephews of politicians replacing their fathers and uncles after they leave office is similar to ascension to the throne. They have built an imperial base rather than continuing to improve a democracy.

They sell favors, pass laws that will make them and those they deal with rich, they pardon criminals who they like as they leave office, they take kickbacks and bribes in many forms. There is so much corruption in Washington that it makes me sick.

These politicians hire someone to write books in their name, then the greedy corporations that want to pay them off, buy all the copies of the book so it's on the best seller list and the politician makes money. They hire the politicians to do seminars and make appearances as a payoff for being a good boy in Washington. They give them jobs and pay them a lot of money after they leave office to reward them for favors they got while the politician was in office.

And we just say, thats just politics. No, it's not just politics. It's criminal and we need to start demanding that when a politician breaks the law we get him convicted. They are not above the law. That includes Dick Cheney and George W. Bush and those down the line from them whether they are republicrooks or democrooks.

by Chris McElroy
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