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On Raising Minimum Wage

Give me a break. Republican lawmakers are once again catering to their cronies that get them elected. The big corporations that fill their coffers with money every election year. All that campaign money they spend, and not one dime back to the people who work for them and make them that money.

Corporate America exports jobs to places like India so they don't have to pay Americans a living wage. Politicians, mostly Republican, claim that this does not hurt the American Job Market. How does it not hurt the job market here if jobs are exported to other countries?

They back any law that will allow them to locate their factories in other countries so again, they won't have to pay Americans a living wage. Again, politicians claim this doesn't hurt the job market here in America and they have eliminated any penalties for importing those products back into the US, unfairly competing with those US businesses who stay here and employ Americans. How does allowing this to happen not affect American jobs?

These same bought off politicians back any law that will allow more illegal immigrants to come to this country without applying for citizenship. Citizenship would make them American citizens and they would have to pay them a living wage. The corporations do not want these immigrants to be legal American citizens. Their pocket politicians help them keep it that way. How does this not affect the US job market?

And don't fall back on the old, tired argument the corporations and their political puppets have taught you to say; that these illegal immigrants take jobs no American will do, because it's bs. Americans won't do it for the low wages that these corporations get away with paying the illegal immigrants and with illegals they also don't have to pay benefits.

And now, as always, these corporations and their poilitician dogs on their leashes refuse to admit the minimum wage is too low. If you earn minimum wage, you are below the poverty level. The federal minimum wage is $5.15 per hour. If you work 40 hours per week, you make $206. That's less than $850 per month. The medium rent in cities like San Diego, Miami, LA, NY, and other cities for a one bedroom apartment is more than that.

It's amazing to me that some of the same corporations that don't want to pay Americans a decent wage are the same ones who own large amounts of property that charges more rent than their workers can afford. These same corporations lobby their local pocket politicians to keep laws that require low cost housing to be built in the cities. Not only don't they want to pay the American worker a living wage, they don't want to provide housing that Americans can afford at the low wages they pay them.

The corporations and their politicians claim "An increase in the minimum wage, they say, drives up labor costs across the board and freezes unskilled and first-time workers out of the job market.", yet each time the minimum wage has been raised, (the last time was 1997), unemployment never rose higher than it was before the minimum wage was raised. However, unemployment has risen since laws like NAFTA have allowed them to move their factories to other countries. Unemployment has gone up due to exporting jobs to other countries.

Despite having one of the highest minimum wages in the country at $7.25 an hour, Oregon has had twice the rate of job growth as the rest of the country. The argument about job loss due to raising the minimum wage just doesn't hold much water does it?

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