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If You Can't Donate The Money Don't Do The Crime

Well, here we go again with the money issue when it comes to crime in Washington DC, or anywhere else for that matter.

If a CEO cooks the books and bilks investors and their employees out of a bunch of money or deals in stocks by insider trading tactics, fine them some money and let them go. They stole 10 million dollars? Fine them $1 million and call it a day. Call it a tithe to the US Gov. As long as the government gets some of the illegally gained money, they're okay with it.

Now with the Jack Abramoff fiasco, we have politicians scrambling to donate some of the money they got to charity. They're doing it so fast, you'd think abramoff gave them "marked" bills. Bush is even giving back $6,000 of the $100,000 he got.

I guess the thinking is that if Abramoff turns state's evidence and gives up their names for taking bribes, they can all say, "but it all went to charity". They can't give it back to the government, they are the government, so charity it is.

And the sad thing is, they will probably get away with it. So let's analyze how all this works.

1. Do whatever crime you want to. Insider trading, stock scams, pension plan scams, take bribes and kickbacks, whatever.

2. If it looks like you may get caught, quickly give away some of the money, look and act innocent, and deny everything.

3. If they actually charge you with a crime, get the top lawyers in the country on your team, intimidate and threaten the prosecutor in the case, and make sure you get a judge who supports your party on the bench for your trial.

4. Blame the media for everything. After all, if they hadn't covered the story about the crime you committed, then no one would know about it and you could cover it up quietly. So it's really all their fault anyway.

We. as a society are learning these lessons from those who lead us. Thank you so much for leading with sincerity, wisdom, and courage.

They sincerely want to line their pockets, no matter if what they are doing is illegal.

They have the wisdom to know what to do if they are caught.

And the courage to stand up in front of all the voters who elected them and claim it's all a conspiracy concocted by the media and their opponents in the other party.

by Chris McElroy
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Blogger The Gifted One said...

Hypocrits, every last one of them. it burns me that they can do whatever they want, flaunt it right in front of the American public, and basically say, 'whatcha gonna do about it?"

Come election time they'll talk about how they were 'tough on crime' etc etc etc, and will anyone remember how many crimes this same group committed?

The Gifted One

1:36 PM  
Blogger Steve Guzman said...

Preach on brutha!

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Post! Thank you for the info.

LIdija Turkovic

5:29 PM  

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