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Confirm Judge Alito

Okay, you cannot have it both ways. If you were against Harriet Miers because she was not qulified to sit on the supreme court, then you have to like Alito, becuase he IS qualified. If you are against him as well, then you just don't want anyone confirmed.

Yes, he said, he once believed that there was no constitutional right to abortion, but at the time he was merely a "a line attorney in the Department of Justice in the Reagan administration," and he would keep an open mind should abortion come before him at the Supreme Court.

Not even a president is above the law, he said, though he added that he did not have enough information to say if he agreed that President Bush had broken the law by authorizing extensive domestic eavesdropping without warrants.
If you are not satisfied with those answers then you are just against all judges bush appoints. It doesn't get better than Alito. Get out of the way and lets move on to other topics. It makes the dems look really bad to fight Alito. He's smarter than the average bear, fellas. He will be confirmed and in the meantime, trying to take him on in confirmation hearings is just making the senators with the questions look stupid.

The nominee said he did believe there was a constitutional right to privacy, based on a 1965 Supreme Court case that overturned a Connecticut law prohibiting married couples from using contraceptives, though he did not take it the next step to argue that such a provision could be extended to abortion. He also said the president did not have a "blank check" to do what he wanted.
Again I'm satisfied with his response here. The right to privacy is intended for all citizens by the bill of rights. Those who deny that are reading literally and not taking in the spirit of the law.

This guy deserves to be confirmed. Let it go. Stalling tactics can be recognized by the voters and it won't bode well for dems in the next election if they continue to get shown up by Alito.

More things that just piss me off


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And now Alito voted that whistleblowers can be prosecuted!

LIdija Turkovic

5:25 PM  

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