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It amazes me how the politicians, both democrook and republicrook alike, believe they can continue to do as they please and that they believe everyone is stupid, except them. We'll get to the free sex part below, but first read on so you know the whole story or you'll miss out on it.

Now that the Abramoff case and the Delay case and others are getting the spotlight, they are all holding up reform banners. They claim outrage to corruption and illegal lobbying payoffs. They all now claim they are going to clean it up! They're going to enact legislation that stops that money from flowing.

However, the very first piece of legislation simply moves that money given by lobbyists from "lobbying expences" into the "campaign finance" category. Therefore you can still give them money for favors, just quit calling it lobbying because people are beginning to catch onto that one.

There will be absolutely no reform until lobbyists are not allowed to spend "ANY" money on politicians and until lobbyists and PACs cannot directly or even facilitate campaign contributions. Take the money portion out of lobbying altogether and you could begin to reform how things are done in Washington.

Then you'll still have "pork" bills where the politicians add stuff into bills that have absolutely nothing to do with the bill. Their favorite tactic is to title a bill with some words that will gain public support, a public that won't actually examine what is in the bill. They will call it "The Minumum Wage Bill", or "The Jobs Bill", or "The Tax Reform Bill", but in the bill will be things like new laws that allow politicians to take trips on the taxpayers dime, or a highway project, dam project, construction project, or other things that have nothing to do with the title of the bill.

Exactly like this article. Now doesn't that just piss you off?

by Chris McElroy
More things that just piss me off


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