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Reopen investigation into 9-11?

Critics of the NIST report about 9-11 are presenting their evidence and suggesting that the investigation should be reopened.

They accuse GW Bush of working with Osama Bin Laden and that is why he isn't captured or killed yet.

One note of interest from the "I don't believe in coincidences department", just as bush is having to defend his wiretaps without warrants to the public, suddenly bin laden releases a tape, after 13 months of silence, threatening more attacks. Wow. How lucky can bush get? His sworn enemy coming to his rescue like that.

Besides those accusations, make your own opinion of the evidence presented in this video as to whether or not there is more to the story than we have been told.
The Tape Urging Reopening The Investigation Into What Happened on 9-11

More things that just piss me off


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