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Are You Really Gay Or Just Needing Attention?

I've had enough. Listen up Gay People. Yes, you have equal rights. I don't and won't discriminate against you if you apply for a job. That is about where it ends.

It seems these days, if a tv show that has gay people in it gets canceled, it's because they are discriminating against gays.

If a state doesn't allow gay marriage, it's because the christian right is unfairly targeting gays.

If a gay movie gets bad reviews, it's because the critics are anti-gay.

Get a clue here. While it's illegal to discriminate against you because you are gay, that does not equate to giving you any "special" rights over and above other US citizens.

The gay crowd loves to "shock" other people. You're gay, you're proud, and you're becoming just plain ridiculous.

Ohhhh, let's make a movie about gay lovers, and make them cowboys! That'll really shock everyone.

And we can make a tv show where we move a gay couple into the most conservative neighborhood we can find. That will shock everyone!

Let's have a parade downtown and all dress up! You can wear that blue chiffon dress Brucey! That will shock everyone!

Let's get gay marriage legalized! That will have them all paying attention to us!

Look, if you want to be gay, be gay. Do you really need all this attention to validate your choice? Does being gay mean you have to have everyone in the country pay attention to you for it to be worthwhile? Without all this public attention could you still be gay? Are you gay just because you need to get more attention?

If those questions bother you, then ask yourself why it seems that the "gay movement" needs to gather all this public attention constantly. If being gay is such a normal everyday thing, why do you feel the need for everyone who is not gay to pay attention to you? Why do you think they even care? Why is it so important for you that not only do they know you are gay, but that they pay particular attention to you because you are gay?

Thats about all the blog space I'm willing to give you. Now I can go back to ignoring you. One last question though. If a gay guy in the forest screams "I am Gay!" and no heterosexual is there to hear him, is the gay guy still gay?

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Blogger rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

you are biased as look at all the attention you just gave gay people. don't you think they get enough?

6:55 AM  
Anonymous thenewscritic said...

Yeah, rev, I'm guilty of giving them a little attention, just had to speak my mind on it, thats all.

10:49 AM  
Blogger Orion Blastar said...

I have nothing against gay people. They can act and behave however they want as long as it does not harm anyone or break the law. They should have equal rights for jobs and other things.

Gay people aren't the only ones trying to get attention. You will find left-wing people, protestors, animal rights activists, and even Christian Fundamentalists doing things to get attention. Mostly bad or negative attention that is full of contraversy and shock and awe. Why do we accept and tolerate this type of behavor that is like a child saying "Look, mom and dad, I got all F's on my report card!" in trying to get attention?

Why not make a homosexual movie that does not shock people, but shows homosexual people as nice and law abiding and as parents who can handle raising children and handling responsibility? Wouldn't that help gay rights better than making movies to shock people? Isn't it better to promote positivity than negativity?

7:25 PM  
Anonymous Most Wanted said...

Very thoughful comment Orion and I agree with you 100%

The article was never meant to bash gays, it was meant to bash attention hogs.

Chris McElroy
Who Let The Blog Out?

8:03 PM  

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