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Ok, here we go. This just pisses me off! But before I go into the article, what pisses me off even worse is that soon republicrooks will be saying that all of this is a left-wing conspiracy and they will be defending the crooks this article is about. Watch and see.

From the Washington PostBack in January, House Republican leaders backed off a rule change that would have allowed senior officials in the chamber--say, maybe the House majority leader--to hold onto their posts even if indicted.

Boy, that looks huge right now.

The leadership caved because of rank-and-file complaints that the party would send a lousy message by protecting one of its leaders who was charged with a crime. And with Tom DeLay's indictment yesterday, it's clear why they were so worried. DeLay stepped aside within minutes.

We have, at the moment, a remarkable situation: The Senate majority leader under investigation because of a questionable stock sale, and the House majority leader is under indictment. Before I finish typing this paragraph, I'm sure Democrats will be declaiming and decrying the lack of ethics in the Republican Party.

And they are sure to add that Republican lobbyist (and close DeLay pal) Jack Abramoff is under indictment in one case and under investigation in others, while the top White House procurement official, David Safavian, was accused last week of lying and obstruction in the Abramoff probe. A special prosecutor is still sniffing around the Valerie Plame leak, and the FDA commissioner quit weeks into his tenure for failing to report holdings on his financial disclosure form, says the NYT.(End of Washington Post Quote)

The LEADER of the HOUSE. The LEADER of the SENATE. Both alleged to be involved in crimes. What a shock! Politicians involved in a crime? No way! Surely not! Republicans involved in illegal activities? No way!

More from the Washington Post Some Repubs are reacting by criticizing the indictment--exactly the sort of thing they scoffed at when Clinton and his allies were ripping Ken Starr's tactics. Sean Hannity (with Colmes banished for the segment) told his first guest he couldn't figure out what the indictment was about. The guest? Tom DeLay, who called the case "ridiculous." Interestingly, DeLay complained about the "politics of personal destruction," a phrase popularized by Bill Clinton, whose ouster the Texan crusaded for ("Anybody who lies to a grand jury ought to be impeached.")(End of Washington Post Quote)

Another FoxNews "fair and balanced report". And some republicrooks actually criticized the indictment? Again I'm shocked.

Slate's John Dickerson says the Dems should think twice before celebrating: "Democrats would have to be nuts to root for DeLay's scalp, something many of them admit in private. He's the best villain they'll ever have. DeLay's got troubles hanging from him like charm bracelets. Not only does he have the Texas mess, but he's been knocked three times by the House ethics committee for misusing his post, and he's been closely linked to indicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff. At the level of personality, he positively oozes meanness, making him a perfect foil for Democrats. His poll numbers have been tanking. And now he's under indictment. DeLay makes an even more potent symbol bookended by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who is having his own ethical inquiries into his stock sales.

Democrooks can't capitalize on it like they want to because the issues that plague Frist and Delay are ones they are vulnerable to as well. What this really shows is not that the republicans are all crooked but that an entire system is corrupted.

Just like with all the recent indictments of CEOs of major corporations. They make the campaign contributions, job offers, book deals, trips, and other incentives. They get people elected. The elected republicrooks and democrooks in return pass laws that benefit them at the expense of taxpayers. The CEOs of these corporations and the politicians are in bed with each other.

The indictments with the corporations are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more corporations that are doing illegal accounting, insider trading, and other crimes. The answer? Bush appointed a guy to head the SEC that says corporations are over-regulated. Translation, we just make what they are doing legal then no more indictments and they can continue to do business as usual. The indictments of the politicians is again just the tip of the iceberg, both parties engage in all sorts of under-the-table deals, illegal activities, scams, and bribes. A few get caught. They rarely ever go to jail. Then laws get passed, so that the others who were doing the same things but haven't been caught yet, can't be prosecuted because the new laws made their activities "technically legal".

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