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Baseball's Cyborgs

The whole issue of steroid use in sports just pisses me off. Especially the overpriced milloionaires who get to play baseball for a living and complian they can't do it for less than another few million next year, then insist that balls they hit over the fence belong to them and not to the fans who pay them their millions.

Thos baseball players who refuse to or worse charge for autographs. You should be ashamed of yourself. You get millions to play a game for a living. The fans are responsible for that. Your lack of respect and refusal to accept the responsibility of being a role model will be your downfall and anything that makes that occur faster should be welcome to the fans.

I agree with some senators and others when they propose that all records set by someone who has tested even once for steroid use should be barred from the hall of fame or at the very least have an Rx symbol next to their stats in the record books. Anyone who uses a corked bat, same thing.

They barred Pete Rose for gambling and we can't bar someone cheating with corked bats and steroids? What sense does that make?

Whats next, implanted robotics? We will have some Cyborg up to bat with enhanced optical devices and powerful robotic arms and a Big flat bat like they use in cricket and we will have to honor their records above those actual humans who played and relied on their own ability without cheating?

It's time to send a message. Performance drugs are cheating. Let's don't call it anything other than it is. Don't defend them just because you are a fan and you like them. If you are a true baseball fan then you want the players to compete with each other fairly and without enhancements. If they want to use steroids, let them go to the new DBL. (Doper Baseball League).

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