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Colin Powell Says OK to Illegal Wiretaps

First, Colin Powell was against the war in Iraq. Then, he was for the war in Iraq. Now he says, that if he had known that intelligence suggesting that Iraq had WMDs was false, he would not have been for the war in Iraq.

Now he says this;

WASHINGTON, Dec. 25 - Former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell said on Sunday that it would not have been "that hard" for President Bush to obtain warrants for eavesdropping on domestic telephone and Internet activity, but that he saw "nothing wrong" with the decision not to do so.

If it would not have been that hard to obtain warrants as the LAW in this country suggests, then why did Bush not get them and instead choose to act illegally with those wiretaps?

He didn't get them because no judge would have allowed him to spy on conversations between two american citizens, on US soil, who were not part of any terrorist organization. Thats why.

Bush is using the NSA to monitor tons of conversations by email, phone, and fax, targeting keywords. If you use one of the keywords they are monitoring, bush feels they have the right to spy on you and he believes that he needs no warrant to do so.

I hope my blog is lighting up their switchboard!

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Just want to make sure they have something to do.

By Chris McElroy
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