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America's Most Gullible People

This is a perfect example of how stupid the public can be at times. I hope you are one of the smart ones, but so many people watch TV and believe everything they see.

Border Patrol catch one of "America's Most Wanted"

Louie Gilot
El Paso Times

Among 16 undocumented immigrants stopped Monday near the Zaragoza Bridge was one of “America's Most Wanted,” a woman wanted in Illinois for allegedly being part of a lottery scam that targeted elderly Latinos in Illinois.

The case was featured on a segment of the television show “America's Most Wanted” that aired last month.
Wow! Sounds like that America's Most Wanted TV Show is doing great things!

Maria Gomez, 49, is “one of three suspected con artists who tricked the elderly into giving them money to cash fake lottery tickets in Illinois,” Border Patrol officials said in a written release.

Gomez has an active warrant for her arrest on charges of theft by deception over $10,000 by the Wheaton, Ill., police, officials said.

Border Patrol officials said Gomez had previously been arrested for a similar scam in Hialeah, Fla.

The high-profile arrest occurred Monday evening when Border Patrol agents witnessed a group of people crossing the river four miles from the Zaragoza Bridge.

Agents identified Gomez during a routine fingerprint exam through the IDENT/IAFIS criminal database. Gomez was turned over to the El Paso Police Department and will be detained in El Paso until her extradition to Wheaton, officials said.
So . . . you mean that they didn't actually recognize her from the show, America's Most Wanted, but would have caught her anyway due to a routine fingerprint check? Yet America's Most Wanted still gets the credit?

So if I can post every single wanted fugitive in America on my website, and if any of them get caught, even if no one has actually seen my website, and my website had nothing at all to do with the capture, I can still claim credit for it? Cool!

Why? Why are people so gullible? Ask this guy. He wrote the story.

Louie Gilot may be reached at; 546-6131.

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